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KiriGlow: $139 Starter Bundle | Use code NEWBIE

KiriGlow: $139 Starter Bundle | Use code NEWBIE

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Your first 3 Months are $139, use discount code NEWBIE.

Unleash Your Most Confident Self with KiriGlow: Introducing Our KiriGlow Starter Bundle!!

Experience thicker, fuller and shinier hair, vibrant and glowing skin, and stronger, more resilient nails, ready to tackle anything life throws your way!

Our ethically and sustainably sourced-nitrosamine free, Digestible Functional Keratin® is the purest in today’s market, backed with years of science, research and over 180 different patents. We won’t settle for anything ordinary, to bring you the extraordinary!

Like all great relationships, the one you have with your body needs long-term commitment to blossom. Our customers who see the most benefits choose a minimum of 3 months and also remember to take their capsules daily.


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$139 Offer is eligible only for new customers only.


Are you looking for a groundbreaking solution to revitalise your hair, skin, and nails? Discover the unparalleled power of Kiri10's Digestible Functional Keratin®—a game-changer in natural health and beauty.

At the core of our innovative KiriGlow capsules lies Digestible Functional Keratin®, the secret to enhanced vitality and resilience. This isn't just any keratin; it's a supercharged, bioactive ingredient that nourishes from within, giving your hair, nails, and skin the strength they crave.

What sets our keratin apart? It's 100% nitrosamine-free. Recent studies in the EU have highlighted concerns about nitrosamines in beauty and health products, linking them to serious health risks. Our keratin is rigorously tested and certified to be free from these harmful compounds, ensuring you receive only the safest, most effective supplement.

KiriGlow is your ticket to a healthier, more radiant you. Formulated with sustainably sourced Digestible Functional Keratin® from New Zealand sheep’s wool, this product not only supports your body's natural beauty but also honors our commitment to ethical practices and environmental stewardship.

Keratin Benefits

  • Offers a helping hand to your hair's anchoring by activating collagens 4 & 7, the follicle's BFF's.
  • Has your back against skin struggles! Defending you from pesky tissue damage and weakened skin woes.
  • We've nailed it! Our magical mix of amino acids gives your body just what it needs for strong and healthy nails.


Take 2 capsules daily, at the same time. Doesn't matter what time so long as you remember the most important golden rule, consistency, so pick a time that works best for you and your schedule.

keraGEN-IV™ |Digestible Functional Keratin Protein (Sourced from NZ Sheep's Wool) 400mg

Marine Collagen with elastin peptides (Sourced from: FISH SKIN) 460mg

OptiMSM® | The purest MSM available (Source of organic sulfur) 200mg 

Biotin 6mcg

Zinc (from zinc ascorbate) 1.4mcg

Copper (from copper gluconate) 176mcg

A carefully chosen blend of nutrients which compliments the hero ingredient for optimum support and helps it reach the correct pathways within the body.

Allergen and Health

Warning: Consult your physician before using this product if you are taking any medications, under physician's care
for a medical condition, pregnant or breastfeeding.

Allergens: For seafood or protein allergies please consult with your physician before taking this product.


How to use

Take 2 capsules daily with food, take them both at the same time. KiriGlow can be taken anytime of the day, consistency is key, so add them at the best time that works for you and your schedule.

We recommend committing to a minimum of 3 to 6 months. To reap full benefits taking them for around a year or two is most beneficial (depending on individual requirements).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 83 reviews
Caroline (NZ)
Gelreat service :)

I am on to my 4th bottle now. No change in hair but nails are definitely growing quicker. Have ordered more so will see how we go :). Also going to try the shampoo/Cond. Excited to see how we get on

Tina S. (AU)
Newbie Bundle - Fantastic results so far

Still got 4 more days of my first pottle to go but have noticed huge improvements in the condition of my hair already. It’s more manageable, growing & doesnt frizz up as much in the rain or steamy sitchos, it is so shiny clean looking, (I have bleached brittle hair)
My skin has brightened up & so soft, nails are taking a little longer to catch on, I work in hospo so my hands are getting wet a lot, washing them all the time & using sharp knives to food prep so my nails take a beating. Would absolutely recommend giving this product a go, you won’t regret it.

Elle M. (NZ)
Great product!

I’m menopausal and my hair and skin have been quite dull for sometime. Started taking this product 2 weeks ago and already noticing a difference with my skin and hair. My face is smoother and my hair is shinier and has more body. Will definitely keep taking to continue improving my skin and hair!

Tracey L. (FJ)
KiriGlow is definitely on Show!

Love these little magic capsules!! I have been taking these for one month now and I can absolutely see a difference in my skin and hair especially. Consistency is key so I make sure I take them at the same time every day. My face definitely has a glow to it and my hair is feeling healthier! Looking forward to seeing even better results as I start on month two!!

Amanda M. (NZ)
Sick of shit nails!

Product: Kiri10 Keratin Starter Bundle

Duration of Use: 2 months

Before Kiri10 (17/04/2024):
- Nails were weak and brittle.
- Visible damage and discoloration from gel use.
- Nails often broke easily and lacked strength.
- Photos with green background.

After Kiri10 (20/06/2024):
- Nails are visibly healthier and stronger.
- Noticeable reduction in brittleness and breakage.
- Overall nail appearance is much improved, with a healthier color and texture.
- Photos with white background.

While I haven't noticed a dramatic improvement yet, my nails definitely look better, and the damage is growing out. The new growth is healthy, and I'm looking forward to seeing further improvements over the next two months. An added benefit is that my hair looks and feels softer, which is fantastic given that I bleach it regularly.

Taking the Supplements:
I'm not a fan of swallowing the pills and have set a reminder on my phone to take them every morning; otherwise, I would forget. Despite this, the delivery and purchase process was easy. The product information does mention that it takes 3-6 months to notice a significant difference, so I’m keen to stick it out.

I recommend this product to anyone dealing with nail damage from gel use or looking for healthier hair. The transformation in just two months has been noticeable, and I am confident that continued use will only bring further improvements.