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Amazing 👏

I have been using Kiri Glow for 7 months, I started after a bad haircut.
The growth has been amazing along with the new baby hairs that are coming through, my hair density is so much better, I'm super impressed with this product and will continue taking it.


Have noticed such a difference in my hair especially but also nails and skin! Have signed up for 3 month subscription now!

Loving so far

I’m nearly through my first bottle. I had breast cancer so full hair loss and then medically induced menopause so my hair not only came back a different colour it also came with a receding hairline. My once beautiful long eyelashes never grew back past a couple of mm’s. I haven’t noticed any hair growth yet but my eyelashes are definitely starting to grow and are thick. Can’t wait to see what next month brings!

Because of me having Hashimotos

Because of me having Hashimotos autoimmune disease and hypothyroidism, I have never been able to grow my nails, and have really thin dry hair that breaks easily.
One month in and I can see a difference in my nails, they are growing quicker and thicker than before. Excited to see what it does to my hair!

Kiri 48

The name says it all, but my probably a bit biases . After losing quite a bit of weight, I noticed I started to lose a lot of my hair, could have been the diet stress, or my seven year hair cycle?? But because I’ve got long naturally curly hair & my hair is my crown & glory, known for my hair. I found it a bit distressing. Saw the add for KiriGlow on instagram & thought I’d give it a go, I’ve been using it for just under a year, results are amazing, hair has thickened up, lots of knew growth, even my hairdresser has commented on the growth & thickness. Skin & nails look great as well. So very happy I started using this product :heart:️

Hi, I've only been taking

Hi, I've only been taking them for 1.5 weeks as ordered them b4 going on holiday.


On my fourth bottle. My nails are getting stronger. My hair is not feeling so fine. Loving the product:blush:

Well worth your time

Since menopause I have been experiencing hair loss, weak nails and really dull dry looking skin. I’ve tried lots of different supplements but this is the first I’ve tried where I feel I can see a difference, especially in my hair and nails. I have been using this nearly three months. I wanted to make sure I gave it some time before giving a review because I know how much I rely on sincere reviews before I purchase anything. I think if you are sceptical, don’t be. Give it a try, take as directed every day and give it some time and I truly believe you will notice a difference. I will definitely be ordering again.

Starting my Keratin journey

I am in to my second bottle of Kiri 10 and I are noticing my skin is feeling softer. Early days looking towards the future.

I have purchased the keratin

I have purchased the keratin starter bundle 3 times now and I have definitely seen improvements. With my skin, if I have a blemish I have noticed that they heal a lot faster than they use to, my nails are growing faster and stronger as well, even with getting my nails done every two weeks, but I mainly brought the product for my hair, as I have very fine fragile hair (also from colouring my hair) as well as from taking medication and some stress in my life, but myself and my hairdresser have noticed some improvements, we both can see a lot of new hair growth coming through which is awesome. Will definitely keep re purchasing this product


I found this product appears to really thicken up my rather thin and fine hair. I am also starting to experience the effects of ageing skin, and the collagen boost seems to act as a filler. The Keratin starter is a great package in you want to give the product a good good trial ...with the three months supply

I saw results from the first day of use

Absolutely wonderful product! I saw results from the first day of use. The hair became silky, strong and shiny. Easy to comb and look alive. I recommend it to all my friends. As a doctor, I know that the composition helps strengthen nails, among other things. Therefore, I recommend it to those of my clients who suffer from dry skin and weak nails.

Worked wonders for my hair

I used some fairly potent acne medication while I was a teenager, and an unfortunate side effect was hair loss. Thankfully we caught it in time and stopped the medication but my hair has been thin ever since. My step-mother suggested I try Kiri10 as it had helped her with menopausal hair loss, so I gave it a shot. I’m 3 1/2 months in now, and I now have a heap of small new baby hairs coming through. This is the first time I’ve seen baby hairs since my teenage years, so fingers crossed they all hang around!

Early days yet but pills are easy to take

Great service

Too soon to comment but will keep you posted.
Fast delivery and loved the handwritten note!

Worked fast for me

I’m nearly 2 weeks in.
My nails look like they have been buffed.
My daughter brushed my hair last night and was really excited about how thick it is already - it’s really shiny.
Can’t wait to see what happens next!!

Outstanding customer service from owner

Haven't been taking KiriGlow long enough yet to give constructive feedback BUT I will say the owner, Natalie Harrison, gets 10 stars for her customer service. I had a delivery issue and Natalie was very professional the entire way through. Thoroughly investigated the delivery issue and consistently providing me with updates. Excellent, would highly recommend her business.

Hi Donna,

Thank you so much for this lovely review. It's very frustrating with delivery as it's out of my control, but I'm really thrilled you loved the customer service I provided during this time.

Natalie :)

I am 67 and Ihave

I am 67 and Ihave had terrible problems with peeling and splitting nails for some time. I have a big garden & my hands are often in water. I came across KiriGlow by chance and after reading about it decided the ingredients made sense for hair, skin and nails. I began to notice a difference after about 4 weeks of consistently taking the product. My nails have begun to grow without splitting & appear stronger. Although I still have some way to go I can definitely see progress & now that I have the three months supply bundle I can be consistent with taking KiriGlow. I would definitely recommend KiriGlow as I have tried a number of other products without the success seen here.

Hi Helene,

Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback, I'm so glad to hear you're seeing such amazing benefits :)

Game changer

Unfortunately through stress I started to lose my hair and with that my confidence went too. After taking these for 3 months now the new hair growth is mind blowing. I have all new baby hairs growing around my hair line as well as the areas I lost hair. My hair dresser has commented how fast my hair is growing without not knowing I was taking anything. I highly recommend!

Hi Holly,

Thank you for such lovely feedback, I'm thrilled you also sent me your progress photo's, it's amazing to watch the difference, especially as sometimes we don't notice when we see ourselves daily. Keep up the great work :)

First time user

I hoped taking the keratin supplement would strengthen my nails - and I've already noticed a significant difference in the first month.
They don't bend, they don't flake and I love having them long enough that I need to file them back!

Hi Suzi,

Yay to stronger nails, I'm thrilled you've loved the product so far :)

The best support for Life Changes

Great product, been on it a month and already noticing some improvement in hair thickness and nail quality. Coming into Menopause its great to have something that supports more body and helps keep my hair, skin and nails in good condition.

Hi Colina,

I'm so happy to read your feedback, and that you've found KiriGlow wonderful during menopause. Thank you so much for sharing :)

Just WOW

I have a form of alopecia (FPT - female pattern thinning - which is a hereditary condition) and have had treatment so getting this product after finishing my treatment has really been beneficial for me
My hair is more resilient to hair fall and so much healthier although still very fine
I’m super impressed by this product and can even notice if I miss a day or 2 of taking my supplements

Amazing! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us and how the products have helped you on your hair growth journey. I'm so happy to hear you're loving your products :)

My hair is luscious and

My hair is luscious and my nails are strong. I cannot wait to see what the next 3 months will hold

I'm so thrilled to hear you've seen such wonderful progress so far in your journey, I can't wait to hear about your next 3 months :)

Slow results

I have finished my first bottle and took the capsules every day. I haven’t noticed any difference in my hair. My nails were very soft and peeled and split. They are stronger but unfortunately they still peel and therefore I have to keep them quite short. Haven’t decided if I will do a second round of the product yet.

Hi Pauline,

Thanks so much for your feedback, I appreciate it can be frustrating waiting for the progress, rest assured the products will be working on the inside first, within the first couple of months they build up in your system and month 3 onwards is when you should start to see those visible differences.

Supplements are more beneficial when taken on a longer-term basis so they have time to build up and tackle at the source from within.

If you'd like to chat about any of the above or if I can help with any further information please feel free to reach out via email or you can chat with me directly on 0220901929.

Works for me

I only purchased one months' supply, to see how the supplement sat with me. I haven't had any strange reactions, and now that I am nearing the end of that month, I can definitely state that my hair certainly feels much more thicker since using the Kiri10 supplement. I'm keen to continue using it.

This is so wonderful to hear Tania, thank you for sharing your journey with us :)