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What is your return and shipping policy?

For our full returns policy please click here.

For our full shipping policy please click here.

Can I take Kiri10 whilst pregnant or breastfeeding?

We’re afraid that some of our ingredients in Kiri10 are not recommended for use during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Who can take Kiri10?

Our products are designed with all adults in mind, we created them to help a wide variety of people.

Do I have to take Kiri10 with food?

Some people find they feel better taking our supplements with food, especially if you're not used to taking supplements. Give it a try with a full tummy and without and see how you feel. The efficacy is the same with or without food.

The golden rule is consistency to add your Kiri10 into your daily schedule which works best for you.

How many capsules do I take per day?

For our KiriGlow, take two capsules daily, take them both at the same time, it doesn't matter what time of the day, so pick a time that will work best for you to form your KiriGlow habit.

We have created a wonderful Ebook to help you form healthy habits, download yours for free click here.

Can I take Kiri10 whilst on other medication?

Unfortunately, we do not provide health care advice regarding medications, it is not safe to do so, our individual requirements are all unique.

It's best to speak with your GP or healthcare provider to check with them first before starting on Kiri10 when on any medications.

Tell me, what is keratin and what are the benefits of taking keratin supplements?

Keratin protein structure is essential to physical and biological function. Keratin is one of nature’s most important building blocks at a cellular level, giving the human body structure and order, and therefore is fundamental in the development of healthy tissues, including skin, hair, nails, joints and muscles. To learn more about what keratin is made of and why we need it, head over to our blogs.

Why is New Zealand Keratin far superior?

The NZ innovators have been developing keratin for years, starting with keratin for external purposes like haircare and wound / skincare. They have extensive knowledge around how keratin derived from the natural fibres of sheep wool interacts incredibly well with the human body. They hold around 180 different patents covering the extraction process of the keratin.

Bioactive keratin, means this keratin is still functional or useful it's derived from sheep’s wool. The patented process means that the keratin stays biologically active and is able to interact really well with hair, skin and nails. The keratin is 91% homologous, meaning it is made up of the same smaller amino acid molecules arranged in the same order as human keratin.  

The complete keratin protein is collected from the wool of New Zealand sheep that are raised on single family farms, which guarantees purity, premium quality and long-term benefits.New Zealand sheep’s wool is unique, making it far superior; due to our warm summers and harsh winters, our breeding programmes have harnessed this and focused on coarse wool which creates higher levels of keratin to extract than fine wool sheep. Alongside this, New Zealand is sought after for its location with its clean, open field and pasture feed sheep farming practices. 

How long do keratin supplements take to work?

We recommend making a commitment of around 3 to 6 months. Our products are best taken over a long-term basis.

The below is a general observation from our customers.

The results people notice will depend on their individual needs and what the body requires.

Like building a great relationship; the first couple of months you’re getting to know each other, testing the waters to see if you like one another. Nails are the first thing most people notice, they become stronger and start growing without ridges, some start to notice less hair fall when brushing and showering, others will notice a more glowing complexion.

Month 3 to 4 this is where the supplements are really starting to build up in your system, most notice their nails start growing like crazy and they’re much stronger, so less prone to chipping and splitting. Hair fall has decreased and the new hair coming through is glossier and stronger. Skin is more resilient and smoother. 

Month 5/6 onwards is where you should start to see the consistent healthiness in nails and skin. Hair is now growing quicker and is becoming thicker/ healthier.

As time goes on you'll see all of the above improve.

Do you sell wholesale or how can I become a stockist?

Yes, certainly if you are looking to become a stockist for Kiri10 products, head on over to our Stockists page and fill out the contact form, this will come through directly to Natalie and she will be able to assist you.

With your marine collagen, are there high levels of mercury in your fish?

The Collactive Collagen Complex is manufactured by Copalis in Boulogne-sur-Mer, France. Copalis represents a cooperative of fisheries in Boulogne Sur Mer, France – Europe’s leading port for fish processing.

Collactive is extracted solvent-free from fish skin collected daily from 100% wild-caught fish – primarily haddock, saith, and plaice. These types of fish are used due to their minimal / non-existent mercury levels. The fish used in Collactive are fully traceable and sustainably harvested. 

There is a really good article here about the types of fish to avoid with high levels of mercury.

At Kiri10 we searched for the best premium ingredients which would compliment our Functional Keratin, the ingredients we chose are also high-quality and high-strength in their own right.

Are your products vegetarian or vegan?

Our KiriGlow isn't vegetarian or vegan due to the Marine Collagen which is derived from fish skin. Type 1 Marine Collagen is the most premium type of collagen when it comes to supporting the health of your hair, skin and nails.

Can I call and place an order over the phone?

Sorry, we do not accept phone orders. If you are struggling to place an order via our website please get in touch and Natalie will be able to assist you. 

Alternatively, we do have a few stockists in New Zealand, Click here to find your nearest stockist.

Have more questions that aren't above, fill in the contact form below to chat with Natalie.

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