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Newbie Bundle - Fantastic results so far

Still got 4 more days of my first pottle to go but have noticed huge improvements in the condition of my hair already. It’s more manageable, growing & doesnt frizz up as much in the rain or steamy sitchos, it is so shiny clean looking, (I have bleached brittle hair)
My skin has brightened up & so soft, nails are taking a little longer to catch on, I work in hospo so my hands are getting wet a lot, washing them all the time & using sharp knives to food prep so my nails take a beating. Would absolutely recommend giving this product a go, you won’t regret it.

Loved this product

My hair was in awful shape after having major surgery last year.. My hair was falling out and felt awful. But after using the Kiri10: Triple Action Functional Keratin® | SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER my hair is feeling and looking so much better. It is really thick now and looks alot healthier.
(I also use the tablets from this business as well) Best decision ever)

Great product!

I’m menopausal and my hair and skin have been quite dull for sometime. Started taking this product 2 weeks ago and already noticing a difference with my skin and hair. My face is smoother and my hair is shinier and has more body. Will definitely keep taking to continue improving my skin and hair!

KiriGlow is definitely on Show!

Love these little magic capsules!! I have been taking these for one month now and I can absolutely see a difference in my skin and hair especially. Consistency is key so I make sure I take them at the same time every day. My face definitely has a glow to it and my hair is feeling healthier! Looking forward to seeing even better results as I start on month two!!

Sick of shit nails!

Product: Kiri10 Keratin Starter Bundle

Duration of Use: 2 months

Before Kiri10 (17/04/2024):
- Nails were weak and brittle.
- Visible damage and discoloration from gel use.
- Nails often broke easily and lacked strength.
- Photos with green background.

After Kiri10 (20/06/2024):
- Nails are visibly healthier and stronger.
- Noticeable reduction in brittleness and breakage.
- Overall nail appearance is much improved, with a healthier color and texture.
- Photos with white background.

While I haven't noticed a dramatic improvement yet, my nails definitely look better, and the damage is growing out. The new growth is healthy, and I'm looking forward to seeing further improvements over the next two months. An added benefit is that my hair looks and feels softer, which is fantastic given that I bleach it regularly.

Taking the Supplements:
I'm not a fan of swallowing the pills and have set a reminder on my phone to take them every morning; otherwise, I would forget. Despite this, the delivery and purchase process was easy. The product information does mention that it takes 3-6 months to notice a significant difference, so I’m keen to stick it out.

I recommend this product to anyone dealing with nail damage from gel use or looking for healthier hair. The transformation in just two months has been noticeable, and I am confident that continued use will only bring further improvements.


I have been taking these capsules forv2 weeks now, I have noticed less peeling and breakage of my nails, hoping this will get them strong enough to grow a bit finally.

Kiri10 haircare

Loving this shampoo and conditioner, for the first time in years my scalp is not itchy and sore! A little goes a long way with the shampoo and conditioner too, showing it is good quality.

Loving Kiri10

For years I have been losing my hair every time I wash it, I always end up with so much on the floor of the shower (much to my husband's discuss!!)
I have been taking the Kiri10 Capsules now for 5 months and I just had to try the shampoo and conditioner and I am loving the results No more hair on the floor of the shower and my hair feels amazing and even my hairdresser has commented of the condition and the growth.

Love the Shampoo & Conditioner

I’ve been using both the Shampoo & Conditioner for a few weeks now and can’t get over how silky and soft my hair is! Highly recommend!

Great supplement for hair, skin and nails!

I’ve been taking this for 4 weeks now! I love the aesthetic packaging as I’ve just got them sitting on my bedside table to remind me to take them each night! I’ve noticed a huge change in the strength and shine of my nails! I’ve also noticed a huge increase in shine and strength in my hair, and I’m sure it’s growing faster! I’ve not noticed much hair growth in my thinner patches of hair which I’m aiming for but it does say to take this product consistently for 3-6 months to witness this growth so that’s my plan! Really happy with the progress in this short time, makes me feel really confident!

Thank you for your positive review! We're glad to hear our product is working well for you. Keep it up!

The best Shampoo and conditioner!

I’m someone who struggles with an oily scalp and I suffer with a thinning hairline leading me to use this product. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my hair health over just three weeks! It’s so hydrated, soft, less knotty and I’ve also not suffered with any dandruff since using! A fabulous product!

Thank you for your kind words! We're glad to hear our product has made a difference.

Postpartum Hair Loss

I decided to start using this after I stopped breastfeeding. PP hair loss was real and I needed something that I would stick with for the long term. I am about to start my 3rd bottle and honestly this works. Hair fall has gone back to almost normal and I'm looking forward to the new healthy growth. This is just the beginning too.

Thank you for sharing your experience with KiriGlow! We're thrilled to hear it's helping with hair loss.

Looking for are to results!

One week in and I’m really looking forward to seeing a positive change to my hair, skin and nails . Time to treat myself in this phase of life

Thank you for sharing your excitement! We can't wait to see your results. Keep glowing!

Kiri 10 Capsules are fabulous!

I am so happy with my results from takin Kiri10 Keratin Capsules. I have taken three bottles but I really noticed obvious change in my hair and nails after the second bottle. I had two surgeries in 2023 within weeks of each other and I had a lot of hair loss and I have always had peeling nails. Now my hair has grown back thicker and my nails are so strong

Thank you for your positive feedback! We're glad KiriGlow has helped with your hair and nails, and we're so sorry to hear about the tough time you've had. Keep glowing!

Kiri10 Lover

I have only used my shampoo and conditioner duo
For the past 2 weeks, and can already feel the difference in how my hair feels, not to mention the shine factor!!
I have naturally Frizzy Fijian hair, so it’s thirsty hair, which takes a bit for it to even look shiny… I’m so impressed so far!
I can’t wait for some results in reducing my hair fall, as I often have a lot come out every time I wash my hair, I’m in love this product so much, I can see me stocking Kiri10 in my Home Hair Studio, for my clientele to also enjoy, as much As I do.

My next thing is to try the capsules love love love

Thankyou 🧡

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Wouldn’t be without them now!

Nails epic
Hair epic
Eyelashes epic
Skin epic

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Absolutely amazing 😍

At 6 months post Gastric Sleeve surgery I began to lose my hair. I lost quite a lot in places. I have been using Kiri Glow for 2 weeks plus the shampoo and conditioner and simply can't believe how quickly I'm getting regrowth! It's amazing. I'm super happy!

Thank you for sharing your amazing results with us! So happy for you!

Definitely see the difference already

Been using for a few weeks.
I used to lose handfuls of hair when washing.
This morning I lost one, One single strand!
Feels like silk
I take the keratin pills as well and the eyebrows and eyelashes are looking great!!
I get compliments everyday about my skin.
Thank you for this product.

Thank you for sharing your positive experience with our product! We're thrilled to hear it's working well for you. Keep up the great results!

Awesome product!

So far so good, have noticed my nails are stronger so far, will keep using!

Thank you for sharing your experience! Keep glowing with KiriGlow!

Some really relevant tips in here!

Downloaded and read this ebook and was pretty impressed with the content. I've taken a few tips to start habit bundling already!

Yay! I'm so thrilled you've loved reading our E-Book and that you've taken away some tips keep up the great work :)

Worth it

My good friend, who’s a hairdresser, recommended this for me to try after seeing Simone’s review on Instagram. My hair has suffered after having kids and surgery. I had various hair extensions in the past but decided to try this to see if I can get my natural hair back to being thicker and longer. I’ve been taking Kiri10 for 3months now and this is where I am at so far. I’ve ordered another 3 months supply so I’m looking forward to seeing how that helps my hair even more. I’m invested in repairing my hair and getting it back to healthy and strong. It’s been a long journey and I’m happy to find something that is helping. Definitely worth trying!

Thank you so much for your amazing feedback Kirsite, I'm so thrilled you're seeing the benefits and that you're invested in the long-term health of your hair, it's so important to start from within. Keep up the great work and I can't wait to see your photos in another 3 months time :)

Good results so far

Still early days but already seeing a little less hair fall

Thank you for your feedback! We're glad to hear about your positive experience so far. Keep up the great work and consistency!

KiriGlow: Starter Bundle

I have notice a big change in my nails. They were soft and peeling but after one bottle I they are strong and have stopped peeling

Thank you for sharing your positive experience with our Starter Bundle!

Kiri 10 Journey

I had started to notice a lot more hair fall recently (just turned 60) and so I have started on my Kiri 10 journey after seeing lots of great reviews! I am still on my first bottle but have definitely noticed a decline in how much hair is coming out so looking forward to continuing on and seeing more results 🙂

Thank you for sharing your positive experience with KiriGlow! Keep up the journey, we're here for you.

Amazing product!

Hair is so much longer and skin is glowing 😍

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