At Kiri10 we aim to put sustainability at the forefront of our brand. Being a new business we still have a lot to learn, but as we grow we will continue to reduce our environmental impact.

Natalie, our Managing Director works remotely from home, when she has orders to complete she tries to carpool in with partner Paul.

We use local companies for materials where possible.

We aim to be as paperless as possible. We do not print receipts or invoices for orders, these are emailed. Our information leaflets are only added to a customer’s first order. We utilise the benefits of a digital age.


We use sustainable and eco-friendly materials where possible throughout our business.

Our pill bottles are number 2 kerbside recyclable, they're accepted in almost all curbside recycling programs. Our aim is to move away from plastic all together in the future, we are still looking for a viable solution.

Our courier mailer bags are made from Kraft, recycled and Sustainable Paper. 

We use wood shavings and paper rolls for filling and packaging materials. 


We reuse items like bubble wrap, boxes, air cushions and anything else we can get our hands on for larger / wholesale orders.

Natalie, (Managing Director) collects these items from various different sources; from her own, friends and neighbours online shopping experiences and messaging local neighbourhood pages. Reusing is an amazing way of taking someone else's old or unsed items and giving them a new home or use.

Get in touch with us if you have any questions