Meet the team

Natalie is our Co-Founder, she’s our woman of many hats; social media manager, customer service manager, website designer, marketing executive, sales force, dispatch manager, bookkeeper and anything else you can think of whilst growing an epic space for the people of NZ and beyond. If you send an email, message or call through, you’re guaranteed it’ll be Natalie you’ll speak with and it will more than likely be a long chat, she loves to talk and connect with people.

She brings valuable insight into the importance of self-care, drawing from her own health journey and life / career experience. She understands the importance of creating high-quality products while delivering outstanding value and customer service; her attention to detail and passion for helping others is what drives the business forward on a daily basis.

Paul and Ant have been friends for many moons and in business together for around 8 years’, they provide invaluable support to Natalie, encouraging her to be the best version of herself each and every day. “It’s easy to say I wouldn’t be the person I am today without their help and support.” - Natalie

When they’re not busy brainstorming business ideas, they can be found socialising together playing darts, table tennis, golf or walking their beloved dogs, Beau, Marty and Molly.

We hope you love the amazing space we’re creating for the beautiful people of New Zealand and beyond.

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