The benefits of Keratin to support with your Hair, Skin & Nail Health

Why do we need keratin in our body?

Keratin is essential for the development of healthy hair, skin and nails. It is an extremely strong protein found concentrated in areas of the body that are built for toughness, or needed for protection. The combination of amino acids and fibrous structures that characterise keratin are part of a crucial biological activity within the body.

If you're reading this chances are you're one of the many people suffering with hair loss, brittle nails or weakened skin. These can be due to many factors, but the likelihood is if your body is undergoing stress, increasing levels of keratin within the body may help support your hair, skin and nails.

Keratin supplements for thicker, softer hair | Keratin pills for post-partum hair loss

Keratin for your hair health and growth

Our Functional Keratin helps to support the hair follicle and anchors the hair deep within the skin.

Restoring the hair follicle from within is key when supporting hair loss and when the hair is anchored properly, you'll notice hair growth happens naturally.

Keratin for stronger, more reslient nails

Our nails are made of keratin, providing them with a daily dose of keratin helps support the strength as they grow.

With this added strength you'll notice they are more resilient to splitting, chipping and ridges.

Keratin for firmer, glowing skin

Your outer layer of skin is made of keratin, our skin can become weakened as we age or when the body comes under stress, meaning it more prone to tearing or bruising easily.

Keratin has many functions to support your skin, including helping protect cells from internal forces in your body (mechanical stress).

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