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Kiri-Flow Capsules

Kiri-Flow Capsules

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We are still in the development stages of the Kiri-Flow but below you will find information on the benefits of taking keratin for your muscles, joints and mobility. To keep up to date on our launch of Kiri-Flow, subscribe to our emails and follow us on social media!

Kiri-Flow is a nutritional supplement that offers support to:

  • Lean muscle mass
  • Muscle protein production
  • Stabilize joint and muscle tissue
  • Flexibility and range of motion
  • Lowers the risk of tissue damage

Kiri-Flow’s key active ingredient is keraGEN-IV™, a digestible Functional Keratin® complete form of keratin protein that supports essential amino acids the body needs to build lean muscle mass and strong joint tissue.

Keratin is a structural protein that is normally found in connective tissue throughout the entire body, but free radical toxins, age, stress, lifestyle, work activities, and injuries can disrupt the natural production of keratin. When this happens, joint discomfort may increase, mobility often decreases, and weak tissue becomes more susceptible to damage.

More importantly, the digestible Functional Keratin® (keraGEN-IV™) in Kiri-Flow is an
excellent source of cysteine, a vital amino acid the body uses to produce powerful
proteins that build muscle and joint tissue. This process helps sustain optimal levels of nutrients that naturally lower the risk of tissue damage. Keratin also enhances glutathione and taurine activity. Heightened levels of taurine support anti-inflammatory processes, while glutathione helps target stress-induced tissue damage.

Taking keratin daily may also boost the production of collagen. Rapid increases in collagen combat minor tissue damage, making the chances of experiencing discomfort or reduced mobility less likely.