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Our Story

Our Story

Kiri10 was established by Co-founders and close friends, Natalie, Paul and Ant, all British natives, but now proudly call Christchurch and New Zealand home.

After a discussion between Ant and a friend in the gym regarding nutrition and supplements, they both approached Paul and Natalie with this amazing, new, keratin protein to try. Paul suffers with Rosacea and dermatitis; Natalie had thin hair and damaged nails due to her anxiety and stress.

They decided to try it as they were already taking collagen, but were told this keratin ingredient was way more powerful. They found very quickly it was offering the support they needed, that collagen alone couldn’t quite achieve. Ant found being an avid sportsman that his injuries decreased and his recovery times improved tenfold. They decided then, that they wanted to be involved with sharing this amazing ingredient with the rest of New Zealanders.

That’s where the excitement began. Alongside a trusted friend and consultant, who has well over 18 years’ experience in the health and wellness sector, they combined their skills to develop a product range and brand that would embody enhanced well-being with a dash of Kiwi.

The beauty of the country is reflected in the range of Kiri10 products, with the hero ingredient, keraGEN-IV™ being ethically sourced from New Zealand sheep’s wool and comes from single family farms, giving back to the local farmers and community. The products are also manufactured locally in Christchurch.

Finally, the combination of “Kiri” and “10” sounds like “keratin,” the key ingredient in the flagship product range.

Managing Director Natalie brings valuable insight into the importance of creating high-quality products while delivering outstanding customer service; her attention to detail and passion is what drives the business forward on a daily basis.

Paul and Ant have been friends for many moons and in business together for around 7 years’, they provide invaluable support to Natalie, encouraging her to be the best version of herself.

When they are not busy, brainstorming business ideas, they can be found together in the gym, playing golf or walking their beloved dogs, Beau, Marty and Molly.

We hope you love our products as much as we do.