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Peach Revitalizer Cuticle Oil Pen

Peach Revitalizer Cuticle Oil Pen

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This unique natural revitalizing complex blend of peach extract, mango extract, calcium, safflower oil and vitamins to nourish, moisturize and protect the cuticles and nails.

Panthenol (vitamin B5) penetrates the nail surface and carries calcium vitamins and nutrients to the nail matrix.

This carrying complex is a sure way to get these important ingredients and nutrients directly to the nail matrix.


Grapeseed oil, Amino acids, BHA, Natural keratin, Organic calcium, Safflower oil, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Sesame oil, Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, Silk procaine, Natrual panphenol, Thymol, Methl glucose ether

How to use

Brush on your cuticle lightly and massage gently 3-4 times a week.

Supporting longer, stronger and beautiful natrual nails.

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